Shoe Shopping For Flat Feet

Tips for Shoe Shopping If You Have Flat Feet

Do you often experience an uncomfortable ache in the heel or arch of your foot? If you have flat feet, the frustrating cycle of purchasing a new pair of shoes only to endure days of swelling at the ankle and pain in your feet may feel inevitable. However, there are effective, surgery-free ways to reduce your flat foot symptoms and start living care-free in stylish, functional footwear.

Before you feed your next shoe craving, take a look at this list of tips for shoe shopping with flat feet.

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A Solid Foundation is Key

When you have flat feet, it is common for your ankles to lean in toward each other. This can cause pain in the ankles or shins after prolonged standing, walking or running. When you are looking to purchase a new pair of shoes, evaluate the flexibility of the shoe. Is it easy to bend at the center and to the sides? Is the heel thin or sturdy? You want to choose a shoe that offers some flexibility for your toes but that is difficult to bend and provides a solid heel to support your ankle.

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Comfort

If you are thinking you can never go for that gorgeous pair of heels because you have flat feet, think again. You can find heels that offer support and still produce envy in your friends. When you shop for heels with flat feet, you want to strive for balance. If you are looking for a shoe with a strappy back, avoid a heel that is too high. If you must have a high heel, choose a shoe with a supportive back. Although you can still indulge in fashion-forward footwear with flat feet, you must provide your foot with additional support. Insoles are the best way to support your feet in the areas that need the most assistance. ComfyWalk Insoles cushion your arch and heel, providing shock absorption and comfort when you are wearing a new pair of heels, or any other pair of shoes.

Wearing insoles isn’t just for women. Men’s loafers and oxfords tend to be stiff enough to provide support for the sides of the feet, but lack cushion at the arch and ankle. Insoles ensure that you can command attention with your outfit, without dealing with the painful backlash associated with wearing your new shoes. 

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Bundle up With Boots

In the colder months, everyone wants to bundle up and purchase a nice pair of boots to match their coats and scarves, but choosing the wrong pair could turn a great day sour. Stick to boots that provide your feet with a little room to expand. Especially for flat-footed buyers, shoes that have little to no give can exasperate swelling and cause further damage. If you are searching for a little height, choose a heel that is wide instead of a skinny high heel. You will protect your ankles and shins while still achieving an elevated look. No matter the style of boot, the right insole purchase will compliment you with elongated comfort. Not only will a quality ComfyWalk Insole absorb some of the shock of walking from place to place, it will also prevent the sliding within your shoe that can cause pain in your arch and toes.

Kick Back With Sandals

Sandals are another beloved shoe type that should be chosen carefully when your feet are flat. You want to choose a sandal that has a comfortable strap around the ankle to avoid leaning into your foot's natural tendency to roll inward. The sole of your sandal should be solid, stiff and sturdy. It is best to avoid sandals with extremely thin soles as this can increase pain in your heel, shin and arch. If you would rather go backless on your sandal, be sure you purchase a shoe with extra cushion at the base. You can even go for a little height with wedge sandals. This style of sandal provides comfort for your arch, support for your heel in the back strap, and it does not skimp on style.

Insoles for All

No matter how much you try to protect your feet, there will be times when a certain shoe is required regardless of its comfort. Don’t shy away from special occasions or dread standing on your feet all day at work, instead invest in a good pair of ComfyWalk Insoles to help support your feet. Whenever you shoe shop, bring along your insoles. As they are designed to fit in any pair of shoes, the possibilities are endless.

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